RC Petro-Chemical Office Building

Project team: WANG Fangji, XIAO Xiao, CAI Huiming, LI Peng, TANAKA Kosuke

Luoyang, Henan Prov.

First Prize, Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award, 2015

建筑面积 :10997 平方米
Floor area: 10997㎡

Client: Ruichang Petro-Chemical

Design period:2011-2013

Construction period: 2013-2013




The office building, adjacent to a 15-meter-high existing factory building, is on the south of the Heluo Rd, Ruoyang, Henan Prov. Before the commission, the foundation of this building had already been built. Hence the design should be based on the existing foundations and arrangement of the columns. The image of a big floating box echoes with the suburban scene of this region. Below the floating box, a series of 2.4-meter-high balconies blur the scale of the façade, transforming the scale from landscape to that of human body.

This three-story-building creates large space for office with its 6.6m floor height. Mezzanines on both east and west side of the office are designed for small individual rooms and toilets.  On the east end of the third floor, a large hall is located, with a clear height of 9 meters. Conference rooms and cafeteria are on the second and first floor, under the big hall.

The19-meter-high space of the main staircase connects all three floors and mezzanines. The juxtaposition of horizontal lobby and the vertical staircase create a strong sense of contrast. Since the factory building blocked the south of this building, the first floor could not have any window to the south. The Large window on top of the staircase allows the sunshine flooding into the deepest part of the office building.

ruichang petrochemistry headquater 瑞昌石化办公楼

DSC 4582 瑞昌石化办公楼

DSC 5308 瑞昌石化办公楼

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