Rainbow Kindergarten

Project team: WANG Fangji, WU Jing, YUE Kan, LI Zhaoyin, NIE Xin, HE Ru

Redesign of Bontai Kindergarten

Client: Zhejiang Bontai Investment Co., Ltd

Gangdao Rd. 299, Dinghai District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang

Design period: 2007

Construction Period: 2007~2008


The sixteen-class-kindergarten is located in the new developing district of Zhoushan, Zhejiang Prov. The construction drawings had been completed and the project had been approved by the government when we were commissioned.  Modifications to the design should not alter the original layout. The public spaces are re-organised to improve the circulation, while the connection between the interior space and exterior form are emphasised as well. Continuous balconies for the classrooms are added to the second and the third floor, providing sheltered playgrounds for students.  These balconies add an active layer to the south elevation and aluminium louvers and colourful glass balustrades creates rhythms. Because the north of the building faces the main road with heavy traffic, the elevation is rather solid via the approach of section design. Hence, the influences of the noises are reduced and the image of public building is emphasised.

7 彩虹幼儿园

102 彩虹幼儿园

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