Pro-Form Architects


Roundabout Veranda


Waterfront holiday residence

Project team: WANG Fangji, LI Peng, YIN Wei, MA Haiyun, LU Shaobo, XIAO Xiao


Floor Area: 1680㎡

Design period: 2012

Construction period: 2013



The club is the renovation of an old building. Another floor is added to the original one-story flat structure. Its first floor contains dining rooms, kitchen, reception and service while the entertainment and bedrooms are on the second floors. Due to the arrangement of the circulations on the limited site, a corner of the original building is replaced by the new oblique structure, exposing the new building to the views of all directions in this irregular landscape.

Because the two-story volume of the building seems too big for the adjacent small pond, the façade near the water is designed to retreat from the outline, creating a huge horizontal balcony to embrace the natural scene. The metal studs of the stone envelope are partly exposed, leaving the stone to be seen from both side. The building appears monolithic from the outside while sight and light can penetrate the stone curtain, creating a sense of semi-transparency.

DSC 6340 300x171 环轩

DSC 6341 300x167 环轩

006 001 300x146 环轩

009 300x200 环轩

005 003 300x171 环轩


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