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Shanyucun Village

Residential project adjacent to Chengdu Intangible Culture Heritage Park

Project team: WANG Fangji, HE Ru, LI Peng, SONG Zhuoer, XUE Jun, XIAO Xiao, WANG Hailin

Client: Chengdu Qingyang Construction Development Co., ltd

Qingyang, Chengdu

设计时间 | Design period: 2010


The project is in a suburban park of Chengdu which is built for the exposition of intangible culture heritage festival. Our original design was to separate the building into office and living units. However, the client required us to alter the design in order to make it flexible enough for commercial usage, which forced the height of the spaces to be increased. The site of the project is very limited referring its program. A rooftop garden raising from the ground is established to create image of that small houses are scattered in the garden.


001 224x300 山雨村

1 004 224x300 山雨村

1 001 300x155 山雨村

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