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Rooftop Teahouse 

Teahouse on top of an existing building

Project team: WANNG Fangji, MA Haiyun, XIAO Xiao

Design period:2013

Construction period: 2013


A pavilion with a round floor plan is added to the top of a building which also has a round plan. The pavilion serves as a teahouse and a place for entrainments. The design ensures the best view from the inside while concerning on the connection between new structure and the old ones. In order to make the pavilion a small private world, the path between the staircase and the pavilion is not enclosed, creating an open view for those who is approaching to the pavilion.

DSC 1728 300x200 屋顶茶室

DSC 1735 300x200 屋顶茶室


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