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Daidai Pavilion

Cafeteria in Yuanxiang Lake Park

Project team: WANG Fangji, XUE Jun, SONG Zhuoer, LI Peng

Jiading New Town, Shanghai

Client: Shanghai Jiading Newtown Development Co., ltd

设计时间: 2009年
Design period: 2009

Construction Period:2011

Photography:LV Hengzhong



The Daidai Pavilion is designed as a service building, a cafeteria in the Yuanxiang Lake Park, Jiading New Town. Yuanxiang Lake Park is formed by several of public open spaces surrounding the Yuanxiang Lake. Daidai Pavilion sits on the south-east corner of the park. Divided by water and roads, its site is isolated and not connected with other areas.

The building consists of a main hall, a kitchen and 9 suits. In the plan, 9 cells surround the main hall in a shape of oval. The space in between the hall and cells is a semi-closed patio. Views of the park penetrate into the patio through the gaps in-between the cells. Seen from the park and the roads, the building seems like a cluster of local farmer houses. However, inside the building, the order of the round patio gives people a sudden contrast. The feel of chaos is thus surpassed by a strong geometrical order.


plan 1 2001 300x288 带带屋

DSC 6321 300x192 带带屋

DSC 6325 300x193 带带屋

MG 5391 2 300x160 带带屋

MG 5410 300x199 带带屋

MG 5426 300x240 带带屋

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