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Undulating village

Project Team: DONG Xiao, WANG Fangji, XIAO Xiao, YUAN Ye, MENG Fanqing.

Design Collaborator: Jieyu Design

Lianmin Village, Chuansha , Pudong District, Shanghai.

Site Area: 20424㎡


The next step of Chinese government is the urbanization of half of the rural population at present, alleviating the tension of man-land relation, enhancing towns’ and cities’ scale and vitality. According to County Unit Planning in Shanghai, some natural villages in suburb are preserved, while some are removed to cities or into a new rural settlement. Our task is to design such a new village for resettling villagers, whose households are impacted by the construction of expressway or pylons. The program includes underground parking lot, 50 households, a hall for ceremonies and accessory infrastructure. Considering of land conservation and the decline of dwellers in village, we propose to stack households on top of the parking lot, even though the traditional land-man relationship avoid such superposition. The parking volume lifted up the households onto a small hill. Thanks to the horizontal layout of those houses, the farmland on the hill are connected with the surrounding countryside with a gentle slope. Another virtue of the lifting up is to give a better view compared with households placed near the border of this plot. There is only one shape of unit on this site. By mirroring and staggering, this unit can bring forth richness of spatial experience and elevation effect. It can also fulfill its duty to define the border of private plot and cater to varied neighborhood and natural environment.

lmc 2 圩上丘樊

lmc 31 圩上丘樊

lmc 4 圩上丘樊

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