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Project Team: DONG Xiao, WANG Fangji,  XIAO Xiao, WANG Zitong, YUAN Ye, YANG Jianfei

Construction Supervision: FANG Yu

Deqing, Zhejiang Prov.

Floor Area: 560㎡

设计时间: 2017-2018
Design Period: 2017-2018

建成时间: 2019
Completion: 2019


The building is merged with a constantly rising spiral formed by a pedestrian ramp. The ramp starts as a path surrounding half of the building, then it goes through the interior and arrives the surface of the building. It keeps going up surrounding the surface of the building and finally arrive the roof where people can enjoy beautiful view. As a countryside hotel composed by 6 rooms and subsidiary facilities, the building is divided into east part and west part. These two parts are split-level in order to effectively use the space under the constrain of overall building height. The staircase is set between these two parts. Because of the split-level design, on the ground floor, the lobby has a tall space and the height of the kitchen and other facilities is appropriate. Every room is customized to avoid the disturbing from the ramp surrounding the building. One has a terrace connecting the ramp whereas has a space above the ramp to achieve the privacy; One achieve the privacy through the space below the ramp and create a sense of intimacy through the short space under the ramp; One has a window with curtain between ramp and room whereas has another large window on the high area for the private attic, etc. This hotel is located in the farmland near a village. It is surrounded by mountains far away whereas has open view of the farmland. The ramp surrounding the hotel not only create the interest of entry but also let the guests frequently get the view toward far away mountains to keep their imaging of mountain village. The opening to connect different rooms and ramp, and the merging with staircase and ramp to create shortcuts weaken the leading shape of the spiral ramp and let the spiral be a relationship for the composition of the whole architecture. The spiral is softer after its leading shape is weaken. In actual use, people would casually and discontinuously use the ramp, so its space would merge with other spaces in people’s experience.

dbl 01 田畈里

dbl 02 田畈里

dbl 05 田畈里

dbl 04 田畈里

展览 | Exhibition

变迁的视野 | Vicissitude of Vision

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