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设计团队: 王方戟、董晓、肖潇、黄杨、杨剑飞
Project Team: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, XIAO Xiao, HUANG Yang, YANG Jianfei

Jiaxing Zhejiang Prov.

Floor Area: 1244㎡

Design Period: 2019

Under Construction



Located in the Yangtze River delta with developed textile industry, garment factories in Jiaxing are transforming from an age of OEM(Original Equipment Manfacturer)to a period of building up their own brands. The owner of this textile factory aims to create experiential fashion park, including retail, café, office and production line. It is planned to be built step by step. The restoration of the first floor of two factory buildings into retails goes first, together with the layout and landscape design of the entrance space of the park.

The first floor of the building next to the main entrance on north is changed to boutique store. The original structure is one span concrete framework;,bringing up a nearly one-meter-high beam, reducing the height of the ground floor of 3.9 meter. In order to maintain the spacious feeling and alienate the structural beam, we reshape those beams to create a feeling of layered caves. Most of the caves are shallow as the width of the column, while some are deep as a room when the curtain-cave is combined with function rooms like fitting room and reception desk. We endows this layered cave with an image of Taihu Stone, by attaching wallpaper with abstract image based on Taihu Stone onto those curtain-caves.South to the boutique store is a complex of retails transformed from the ground floor of an original office building. It is intentionally composed of cafe, cheongsam store, children’s garment, DIY workshop and home-textile stores, whose sale contents are postponed to the next construction stage. Based on those above, we propose to separate the floor into several rooms to display different products. In the meanwhile, a circuitous exterior corridor is brought forth, together with the connecting canopy, enclosing a intimate longitudinal garden in between two buildings.

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