Tassel Bridge

Project Team:(Atelier Z+ & temp architects)Zhang Bin, Wang Fangji, Xiao Xiao, Dong Xiao, Yang Jianfei, You Hang, Chen Youxin, Zhao Pengyu, Jiao Wei, Lin Jin

Structural consultant: Zhang Yewei (Board Design)

Nanqingyuan Park, Qingpu, Shanghai

Structural span: 75.6m

Design Period: 2017-2019


Due to transportation requirements, all bridges on the Dianpu River should maintain a clear height of no more than 4.8 meters from the normal water level in the channel, so that each vehicle bridge on the river is provided with approach bridge up to 100 meters long. These approach bridges have a significant impact on the urban space on both sides, so that the average distance between each vehicle bridge reaches 750 meters.This means that the addition of a pedestrian bridge between two vehicle bridges is a very important improvement for urban circulation across the river. Tassel Bridge is one of this kind of large-span pedestrian bridge. Its north bank is a cramped urban river bank, and its south bank is an open residential park (Nanqingyuan Garden). For the city, Tassel Bridge is the entrance and extension of Nanjing Garden. The swinging triangular steel frames and the curved sun shades attached on steel frames bring the park’s recreational atmosphere to the north bank. The foundation, steel structure and appendages of the bridge are built by different types of construction units: the main structure is produced by the steel structure company’s factory in the city of Jiujiang 600km away and shipped to the site for lifting; the foundations and abutments are constructed on site with reinforced concrete; Attachments such as shades, footpaths, and railings were manually installed on-site by the workers of landscape construction team. Taking advantage of the respective characteristics of these three construction methods, we combine crude bridge abutments, long-span steel frames with complex spatial forms and changeable appendages with simple principle in an interactive way to create the delighted space in this infrastructure over 75m of structural span.

tassel 03 百穗桥
tassel 01 百穗桥
tassel 02 百穗桥
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