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Huanhuan Complex

Project Team: DONG Xiao, WANG Fangji, XIAO Xiao, YANG Jianfei, WANG Zitong, LI Xin

Xiazhuhu Lake, Zhejiang, Deqing Prov.

Floor Area: 799㎡

Design Period: 2017

建成时间: 2019
Completion: 2019


The Huanhuan, which is a complex of bird observation tower and science museum, is in the wetland park adjacent to the Breeding Base of Crested Ibis, within 200 meters of distance. The design began with a primitive form of a U-shaped roof which could also be considered as a two-flight-ramp, sheltering the museum while supporting the path to the bird observation deck that is hidden inside a floating hut, 9.5 meters to the ground. Both ends of the roof are extended to make connection to the floating hut on top and a ramp raised from the ground of the wetland. An additional stair is planned inside the volume of the museum connecting the interior space to the bottom of the U-shaped roof. Since the rising spiral of exterior circulation and the observation hut are bridged by two individual flights of ‘gangway ladders’, the volume of the hut is isolated visually.  Beside the extension part that runs between the roof and the hut in a diagonal direction, the close alignment of the column grid between the floating hut and the U-Shaped roof makes it possible for a single set of columns to support everything except a cantilevering far end that is been raised with the help of three inclined columns.  Hence, the ramp which is been strictly restricted by the geometrical order of the structure could still deliver the experiences of free interweaving of spaces. A relatively spacious entrance plaza is encompassed by the fencings of the ramp and the free-standing walls on site. The territory of the plaza highlights the presence of the museum in the open landscape of the wetland. The deck which has a maximum cantilever of 8 meters on top end of the ramp serves as a giant canopy of the entrance to the museum, redefining the scale of the building.

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发表 | Publication
《建筑学报》2019年11月| Architectural Journal, 2019 vol.11

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