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Teahouse of hidden sky 

Project Team: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, XIAO Xiao, YANG Jianfei, HUANG Yang, WANG Zitong, LI Xin

Xiazhuhu Lake, Deqing, Zhejiang Prov.

建筑面积: 3000平方米
Floor Area: 3000㎡

Design Period: 2017-2018

Construction Period: 2019-2021





This project is composed of three buildings, involving Strip of Sky as public teahouse, beveled teahouse for VIP guests and L lavatory as public toilet. All of them are located on an independent island in Wetland Park, which can only be reached by water. Shipping is the prerequisite of design and construction afterwards. Based on demands of the client, wood structure is used in both teahouses, while concrete framework are used in the lavatory.

Strip of sky derives from a simple double pitch roof, which complies with a simple geometric logic. To enlarge the depth of this double pitch roof without increasing the structural span, we pull this double pitch roof apart, leaving a strip of light above. Under this strip of sky, in the height of eave, a concrete slab is added, not only to keep from raining and snowing, but also to providing a spatial layer with intimate scale.

The double pitch roof of VIP teahouse is beveled in both ends, to bring up an more open view into the wetland scenery.  Within each chamber under this beveled roof, interior walls and exterior fences are blurred, and meanwhile the glass enclosure go to and fro, erasing the boundary between interior and the natural environment around.

Both sides of the L-shaped Lavatory are half span roof. The higher frontier of the roof of one side faces to the entrance while the other side faces to the garden enclosed by the L-shaped building. When tourists enter this lavatory in the angle of this L, she/he can see in between volumes on both sides into the bamboo forest preserved on this island.

P4210358 洞天寮

P4210364 洞天寮

P4210393 洞天寮


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