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Project Team: WANG Fangji, XIAO Xiao, DONG Xiao, YUAN Ye, YOU Hang, YANG Jianfei, ZHAO Pengyu

Design Period: 2018-2019


Hexagons serve as the main entrance of the entrance to a large-scale suburb park. With the connection to the metro station, this entrance serves as the  most important public access point to the city. Although the majority part of the park is linear space along the lake, the entrance plaza is located further away to the lake, surrounded by trees with continuous canopies.  Six hexagons are planned above the end of the entrance plaza. On top, they form a continuous system of observatory deck, with views to the lake, canopies and mirror surface of water on the deck. On the ground, the overlapping hexagons create the spreading of the space from the entrance plaza to the park with the tourist center, public toilet and the ticket booth well accommodated.

hex 001 玉镜台

hex 002 玉镜台

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