Dashun Pavilion

Project team: WANG Fangji, YIN Wei, SONG Zhuoer, XIAO Xiao, NIE Xin

Cafe, public toilet and administration office of Yuanxiang Lake Park

Yuanxiang Lake Park, Jiading New Town, Shanghai

Client: Shanghai Jiading Newtown Development Co., ltd

Design period: 2009

Construction period: 2011

Photography:LV Hengzhong, Pro-Form Architects


Dashun Pavilion stretches along the curved road in the park, and then bends into the site. The convex arc part parallel to the road consists of a teahouse and gift shop, while the toilet is located further away from the road. The Park Information Control and Management Offices are in the end of the curve. This arrangement exposes the teahouse and gift shop to the road, making them the most public parts of all the functions. At the same time, the park management offices at the end of the curve are hidden inside, which have a sense of privacy in the wide open space without any enclosure of walls. The toilet between the teahouse and the offices provides an easy access for the public while maintaining a modest. There is a long wooden bench against the facade facing the road. It makes for an appropriate transition from the building to the public road. The hanging glass “fringes” of the canopy not only offers a shelter to the long bench, but also reduces the building’s scale. Seen from the park, the glass reflecting the surrounding scenery, reduces the building’s physical presence, and brings the building a vivid sense in the rainy and overcast climate in Southern China.

DSC 6332 大顺屋

s MG 5565 大顺屋

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