Laurel Fragrance Follé

Project team: WANG Fangji, HE Ru, XIAO Xiao, YIN Wei, LI Peng

A public toilet in Yuangxiang Lake Park

Jiading New Town, Shanghai

Client: Shanghai Jiading Newtown Development Co., ltd

设计时间 | Design period: 2009

建设时间 | Construction period: 2012


Laurel Fragrance Follé is a public toilet in the Yuanxianghu Park. Several walls in a rigid plan are twisted to create dramatic shifts both in scale and orientation. The section of the toilet consists of two different scales: cozy spaces of toilet units that wrap the human body and a larger roof which is supported by three concrete columns that strongly covers the whole space. The building presents a monumental image of a simple box towards the open townscape on the west while a small scale image of scattered volumes towards the park on the east.

DSC 6344 桂香小筑

T031 桂香小筑

发表 | Publication

《时代建筑》2013年第五期 | Time + Architecture 2013 vol. 5
《建筑师》2013年第四期| The Architect 2013 vol.4
《时代建筑》2012年第一期 | Time + Architecture 2012 vol. 1

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