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The Stairway

地点 / 浙江德清
Project Location / Deqing, Zhejiang Prov.

业主 / 课间度假酒店管理有限公司
Client / ANAP Resort Management Co., Ltd.

建筑、室内设计 / 博风建筑
Architecture & Interior Design / Temp Architects

设计合作/ 课间设计
Design Collaborator / ANAP Design

博风建筑团队 / 肖潇、王方戟、董晓、肖闻达、陈长山、钱晨、袁烨、林婧、林哲涵、游航、蔡慧明、刘雨浓、杨剑飞、杨也
Temp Architects / XIAO Xiao, WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao、XIAO Wenda, CHEN Changshan, QIAN Chen, YUAN Ye, LIN Jin, LIN Zhehan, YOU Hang, CAI Huiming, LIU Yunong, YANG Jianfei, YANG Ye

运营、软装、视觉设计、现场施工控制/ 课间设计
Operation, Decoration, Visual Design, Construction Control /  ANAP Design

结构设计 / 谢华店
Structural Design / XIE Huadian

机电设计 / 朗绿机电设计咨询有限公司
Mechatronics Design / LANGLU Mechatronics Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

基地面积 / 3500㎡
Site Area / 3500㎡

建筑面积 / 2000㎡
Building Area / 2000㎡

结构形式 / 钢筋混凝土框架结构
Main Structure / Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure

设计 / 2014-2017年 / 竣工 / 2018年
Design period / 2014-2017 / Completion / 2018


Located in a narrow piece of land by the side of a brook, The roof spaces of the STAIRWAY are connected, forming a 12m platform confronting the fantastic view of the vast bamboo forest on the south. The resteaurant, bar and open spaces are seperately placed on the ground floor while connected to each other via the sight at the same time, creating a serie of continous space. The long exterior stiarcase brings the guests to the roof, turning them to the vast and confortable view of the ordinary country scene.

stairway1 拾阶谷

SDIM0641 DxO 拾阶谷

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