Meandering Hall

Project team: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, XUE Jun, YOU Hang

Tongde Rd. 122, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang prov.

Client: Jiaxing Vision Garments Co., Ltd

Design Period: 2008-2009, 2017

Construction Period: 2009, 2018


Early in 2008, when the design stared, the Vision Garment Factory, which is already surrounded by buildings, was still at the edge of the city of Jiaxing. The factory extended to today’s scale on the site of a toy factory. We are commissioned to design the facade of a new factory building and the interior of three-story existing administration building. This 1,000-square-meter homocentric square building has a three-story atrium in the center. Considering the inconformity between the entrance of the administration building and factory building, we demolished the existing staircase and build a new one in the atrium, bringing people into the central space when walking up and down the floors. The entrance is relocated facing the open square in the factory, creating better connections between staff and factory buildings. Hence, a conversation among buildings in the factory is established.

DSC 5310  悠游堂

DSC 4612 悠游堂

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