Project Team: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, XIAO Xiao, ZHANG Ting, CHEN Changshan, QIAN Chen.

Xicen Wu, Duihekou Cun, Deqing, Zhejiang Prov.

Site Area: 950㎡

Floor Area: 645㎡

Design Period: 2015-2016

Construction Period: 2016


Septuor is located in a beautiful valley, half-surrounded by a winding creek. This countryside hotel is composed of seven guestrooms, public area, and service spaces. The building is renovated from a local dwelling with several volumes. The central original 2-story building with wood structures among the complex is preserved. Around this preserved core a series of small-scale concrete structures are built. For the convenience of structural design and construction process, there is an obvious boundary line between the new and the old structures, while the interior spaces are laid out according to programmes and spatial perception, through which a sense of continuity is reached. The emphasis of this design is laid on the unique experiences of entering the interior space from the exterior natural environment. By means of circulation arrangement and delicate treatment of height differences, the spatial sequence entering each unit is spacious. Apart from that, every unit has its own garden with views which can be enjoyed exclusively.

DSC 0443 1 七园居

DSC 1087 七园居

DSC 1310 七园居

发表 | Publication

《时代建筑》2017年第四期 | Time + Architecture 2017 vol. 4
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