No.180 Zhangheng Rd Restoration

设计团队:阿科米星建筑设计 和 博风建筑设计 联合工作组
Project team: Atelier Archmixing & temp architects

temp architects team members: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao,XIAO xiao, YIN wei, QIAN chen

Pudong district in Shanghai

建筑面积 :20465 平方米
Floor area: 20465㎡

Client: China Fortune Properties

Design period:2015

Construction period: 2015




This restoration project focused on the alteration of the general layout and of the public space in each office building. Driveways are changed to avoid greenery on top of basement, since only grass and bushes can survive on top of limited height of soil layer. We intend to create a vision of abundant vegetation when people enter this office park. On the other hand,compared with their original cramped situation, the transformation of driveways give more space to the entrance of each office building.

Entrance hall of No.1-3 building are enlarged to a certain clear shape, in the meanwhile creating platforms on top. Atriums of No.2 and 3 office buildings are supplemented with protruding small balconies.

No.4 office building was originally designed as a club house with swimming pool on b1 floor,whereas it has always been used as an office building since it was built. Partially thanks to that, the exterior envelop and interior spatial arrangement are extremely complicated and irrational. Our design strategy is to open up the south facade facing the lotus pond, to simplify the form and remove unnecessary decoration parts, and to reorganize the vertical circulation next to the new-created southwest entrance space.

180 张衡路180号办公园区改造

DSC 8693 2 张衡路180号办公园区改造

DSC 8741 2 张衡路180号办公园区改造

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