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大卷桌 | Rolled Table

| Information Booth of Water and Land Niigata Art Festival

| Architect: XIAO Xiao
| NEXT21 Building, Niigata
| Client: Water and Land Niigata Art Festival Committee
| Architectural Director: Sogabe Masashi
| Design period: 2015
| Construction period: 2015




Water and Land Niigata Art Festival has been held every three years since 2009. Through the works of worldwide artists and participations of local citizens, the art festival seeks the position of human being under the theme of “Water and Land”. The theme of the 2015 festival is “Where do we come from and where are we going”.

Since the main venues of the art festival are located in suburban lagoons outside Niigata city, the committee planned to build a information booth in the main hall of NEXT 21 Building in the centre of the city. Considering the tight budget and limitation of construction time, we designed a table by rolling up flexible plywoods. By cutting three holes on the surface, the both sides rolled table is transformed into the perceptible interface.

On this rolled table, both staffs and citizens get an experience that is both familiar and peculiar, using the table while simultaneously being surrounded by it. The guide books and pamphlets get better exhibition due to the curvature of the table  and the lighting system also take advantages of it. On the street, this big roll of plywood attracts the attentions of the public. Hence, during the three months of exhibition, the space behind the escalator in the NEXT 21 Building becomes the main information booth of the art festival.

rolled table 装置/平面系列

大卷桌内景 | interior of the Rolled Table


2015新泻水与土艺术节|Water and Land Niigata Art Festival 2015
ArchDaily, Pro-Form Architects’ Rolled Table Challenges Furniture Standards With Curved Interface


1-2-1亭 | Parading Pavilion

设计团队:阿科米星建筑设计、博风建筑设计 和 上海源规建筑结构设计 联合工作组
| Project team: Atelier Archmixing & Pro-Form Architects & Yuangui Structure Design Firm
| Pro-form team members: WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, XIAO Xiao, YIN Wei, QIAN Chen
| Pudong district in Shanghai
建筑面积 :12 平方米
| Floor area: 12 ㎡
| Client: China Fortune Properties
| Design period:2015
| Construction period: 2015

1-2-1 亭半遮半掩于张衡路180号南侧绿地的树林之中,夹在园区的人造小河和公共绿地小径之间。1-2-1 亭由一个下凹的曲面钢板、两根往两边斜撑出去的柱子和两根柱子中间的防腐木座面组成。钢板的曲率让它能出挑1.5m的距离,往两边倾斜的柱子给亭子一定侧向刚度。钢板、钢柱等基础以外的部分都是在工厂预制好到现场组装的,组装时吊车的臂距也对小亭子位置的确定有很大影响。

The Parading Pavillion is half hidden by exuberant trees in the No.180 Zhangheng Rd Office park. It is composed of a down-curved steel plate, two tilting columns and a wooden bench. Curvature of the plate made the overhang feasible, while the slanting columns brought about certain lateral stiffness. Both the plate and the columns are produced in factory and assembled in situ, which influenced to some extent the location of the pavilion.

001 0907 Parading Pavilion 装置/平面系列

1-2-1亭正面景象 | front view

模糊: 1-2-1亭的建筑与结构设计 | Ambiguity, the Architecture and Structure Design of the Parading Pavilion


摇摇晃晃 | Lilting

| Exterior Pavilion for 2nd Forum of Bamboo Architecture, Bamboo Life, Anji.
| Architect: XIAO Xiao, DONG Xiao
| Anji, Zhejiang Prov.
| Design/Construction Period: Nov. 2015


This project was carried out in an exhibition about the potential of bamboo. The main event ,including exhibition ,forum,and series of activities, took place in Anji ,where featured in bamboo and related industry. Main Sponsor of this activity is a factory manufacturing bamboo plate used as outdoor pavement or exterior cladding. Therefore one of the prerequisites is the application of bamboo panels. Another precondition is the limited time. Actually, it took only about 3 weeks from conception to realization. Considering the complexity of hot-bending round-cross-section bamboo, we figured out a combination of bamboo plate and bamboo splits, which can be easily bent.

P1130653 装置/平面系列

草地上的摇摇晃晃 | Lilting on the lawn



Up with the Books

| SUSAS 2017, exhibition stand of Tongji University

| Project Team: DONG Xiao, WANG Fangji, XIAO Xiao, YANG Jianfei, ZHANG Ting, WANG Zitong, QIAN Chen, ZHANG Jue

| Pudong, Shanghai

| Design & Construction Period: 2017


The balloon with blue ink-drop makes its departure to the ground with the books. Even though the ceiling has already limited its height, making a pure image of flying up, the large volume of the balloon floating above is still creating a solid experience of reading, with the flying books.

3312 装置/平面系列

书展现场 | reading with floating books


《小菜场上的家III》| Home Above Market III

| Book design of CAUP special program

| Tongji University Press

| Project Team: XIAO Xiao, WANG Fangji, DONG Xiao, YOU Hang, QIAN chen, CHEN Changshan, HE Xiaodong


In this book which is composed with contents of design collections, thesis, dialogues and researches, we managed to design a pattern that matches the demands of different contents and continuous reading experiences.

7018 装置/平面系列

小菜场上的家III | Home Above Market III

xcj1 装置/平面系列

典型内页 | typical pages


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