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A Tadpole

Project Team: DONG Xiao, XIAO Xiao, ZHANG Wei, CHEN Youxin, YUAN Ye, QIAN Chen

Kumamoto ARTPOLIS Design Competition, 2014

Jury Special Prize

Aso, Kumamoto

Floor Area: 180㎡

Design Period:2014

Annex of Ai-Life Uchinomaki & Home for All




Our design starts with the intention to include the existing greenery affiliated to Ai-Life Uchinomaki into the planned park. Although the planned park is aimed to mainly serving the hospitals and care houses around it, considered that the public-oriented home-for-all will be inserted into this greenery, we propose to make it more public by creating higher accessibility. We designed a landscape-like curved ramp both to fulfill the responsibility as a piece of everyday greenery, a venue for holding events and an evacuation spot. Thanks to the inclination of the slope, Soumen-Nagashi can be hold on it in summer festivals, while in flood time the lifted surface can be used to build temporary tents.

Apart from the home-for all, this facility consists of rehabilitation rooms and spas rooms whose privacy is of the top priority. We curved the slope to enclose the existing garden, and to guide the public circulation to the central part of the planned park. As a result, both the new annex and the existing bath rooms can share a relatively private garden. In terms of the program arrangement, rehabilitation room is put adjacent to the existing one, compensating a garden view for blocking part of the windows of the existing building.

As a gathering central spot of the park, we suppose that its vital activities can add energy to the life in Ai-Life Uchinomaki. The home-for-all is lifted onto the slope adjacent to the existing platform. The pavilion-like home-for-all can be shared by both sides. On festival occasions, the unused platform of the existing day-care center can be included as venue for public events. Both the elderlies within the day care facility and the public can use this shelter as a temporary “home”. Thick translucent membrane is used to insulate this pavilion-like “home”. When the climate permits, the curtains can be rolled up to allow a direct connection with nature on both side of the ramp.

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